Rights of Way map

Key to Rights of Way

Byway open to all traffic
Restricted byway
Temporarily closed footpath
Temporary footpath
Unmetalled unclassified county road
Rights of Way PTRO

Using the Map

To zoom in and out use your mouse wheel or the + and - on the map. You can drag the map to move to a different location. Click on a line on the map to see the details. If all the details are not all visible drag the map to bring them into view.


The Rights of Way information on this plan is based on information from the Definitive Map of Public Rights of Way. The accuracy of this plan cannot be guarenteed. If in doubt the Definitive Map should be consulted.


Download the Rights of Way data shown on this map here.

Local Transport Plan Live

The Rights of Way Improvement Plan can be found on LTP Live.
For LTP transport schemes see the LTP Map.

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